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Audit Types

iMeterSolutions provides two levels of Audit.  The details and scope of the work are given below.

Level 1 :  
This is an initial audit which involves visiting the apartment complex to assess current water management. Post the audit, a report is sent with findings, suggestions and recommendations.

Level 2 : 
A detailed audit will be carried out after level-1 audit, for which the scope is
Quantity of water consumed: To establish norms for consumption of water as per best Indian practice/acceptable industrial standards.
Quality of water used : To establish the quality of water that is recommended for each end use and compare with the actual for end use.
Cost of water: To establish the cost of raw water at the point of entry into the system. To assess the cost of producing treated water from the raw water in terms of cost of consumables such as chemicals, power, membranes, resin, manpower, etc. To identify and recommend measures that will bring down this cost.
Sewage Treatment Plant(STP) :  To review the STP process and establish if it is being followed and establish if the quality of water is in accordance with the guidelines.
Suggest/recommend measures to conserve and recycle water and also to help in identifying Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

For more details of water audit for your apartment or complex - please send an email to

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